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What Is The Internet??

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What Is The Internet

The Internet is a global network that provides, news, entertainment, social media, information and shopping. The internet has grown and grown over the years and there is estimated to be around and the internet continues to grow, at a massive rate The Internet is used for a variety of things such as entertainment, entertainment could be things Like Online games, or fun websites. People also Use The Internet for social media, where they can view other peoples posts, and videos And Can Post Videos And Photos Themselves to watch people use. Poeple also use the internet for information, for example if your looking for something You Can find your answer on the INTERNET. People often use the internet to watch the news and access the news easily to see what is happening in the analog, or even digital world, finally people nowadays often use the internet for shopping, and for online purchases, it can be from things such as clothes to games The internet was made in January 1st 1983 by a man named Paul Barran, back when the internet first came out it wasnt as accessable as it is now and not as easy to use it is now.

Connecting To The Internet

WWW or World Wide Web is not easy to use at first, and you may need some important things to get started on the internet Emails are used for messaging, signing into certain applications such as if you were to sign into YouTube for example it would ask you for your email, so that it can send you messages on updates, such as when someone replies to a comment that you made on someones video it would tell you via email. emails are implemented all over the internet to 1. Prove That You Are Not A Bot. 2. To Remember Your Signed In Account So That Everything You Do On That Site Is Remembered On Your Account. People use the internet to chat to other people all around the world to get help and assistance from them or just to talk, there are also some newsgroups on the internet, these can be things such as the regular news, or forus that keep you updated on things that the news may not talk about.

Using Search Engines

Browsers are tools used to visit sites, and explore the web, Google browser is the most used browser today with more than half ofthe people who use the internet on Google, google browser includes a search engine which is what you would use to search something lets say you wanted to serach up how paper is made, you would open up a browser, then search up, "how paper is made" and a search engine will provide answers for the query that you searched for a search engine will bring up the best possible answers, sites, and images for your search. TCP and IP are also the things we need to explore trhe internet because without it we could even use the internet TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol a communications standard that enables application programs and computing devices to exchange messages over a network. It is designed to send packets across the internet and ensure the successful delivery of data and messages over networks. The Internet Protocol (IP) is the method for sending data from one device to another across the internet. Every device has an IP address that uniquely identifies it and enables it to communicate with and exchange data with other devices connected to the internet.

Access To Information

With the Internet Becoming Larger And Larger Every Day, The Access To Confidential, and private data becomes easier to reach and find. Due to people saving everything on their digital devices, and the interenet. It makes it easier for hackers to check out this information and use it maliciously, for example lets say you saved something onto your online note book, or your files, if someone wanted to steal that information about your or a subject, they could just find out everything all with just the internet. Hackers and malicious uses aside if you had a question that you may not find in a library because the information that you are looking for is private and confidential, you can just go online and find the answer, which is a big privacy issue. a way that you can protect your privacy is to download a Virtual Private Network, Or A (VPN) which Discuises your IP and makes it harder for hackers to steal your private information, Thus making it safer for you to browse and use the internet without much privacy issues.

Imagining The Future

The Internet Has Taken The Analog World By Storm With Over 4 Billion People Using The Internet And Just Today (22.09.22) Statistics Show That 1 Billion YouTube Videos were watched, with the population rising, and the demand for updated technology, and entertainment and information, we might be seing updated versions of the internet, such as things like the metaverse, the metaverse is a Virtual Reality (VR) that is planned to be the internet, a place when someone wants to talk to a friend they would put on a VR headset and be taken straight into their friends virtual/digital house. For you to talk and hang out there. We can also see things such as Neuralink, which is being worked on by elon musk. Neuralink is a computer that in implanted straight into your brain, which allows you to be able to control you credit card, your computer, and browse the internet with the power of your brain alone. Although with all the new tchnology, making life easier for all of us, is it really healthy for our future could we be becoming lazier, and be distracted by more, and more things, be influenced by evern worse people, and have access to even worse things easier.

The Internet
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